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Nagano Sensei 7th Dan has invited us to attend a weekend seminar 17 - 19th June 2016 in Munich Germany to celebrate his dojo's 30 year anniversary. The special guests will be our teachers Takafumi Takeno Kancho and Chiemi Nakagawa Sensei

If you have not had a chance to receive instruction from my sensei then this is your chance! 

Takeno Shihan is currently Saiko Shihan (Senior Master, Technical Director) of the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo and Founder of the Yamanashi Yoshinkan Aikido in Kofu, Japan. He was the main uchi deshi for the founder of Yoshinkan Shioda Gozo and Chief Instructor at the Hombu Dojo for many years.

Anyone who has seen a Takeno Sensei demonstration has an idea of the power and speed of his Aikido. If you get a chance to receive his techniques, you will be amazed by the softness of the contact, your balance being stolen immediately and then how devastatingly fast you are accelerated into the mats.

Nakagawa Sensei started training with Takeno Sensei as an Aikikai 2nd Dan at least 20 years ago and has achieved 5th Dan Yoshinkan. She throws almost as hard as Takeno Sensei and is living proof that gender and physical size are no match for technique.